Individualized, just like you

Kelsie Wegleitner | Wichita Northwest High School | Class of 2013

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3581 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3459 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-4091 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3876 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3840 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3943 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-4054 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3444 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3246 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3224 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3543 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3905 copy

kelsie_laurelaustinstudio_201613-3251 copy

MUA: Staci Broski of 7th Row Productions

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